So, what’s the deal with these electronical interweb tubes?
During a couple of recent Facebook discussions, people have taken more-than-usual exception to posts of mine. Now, while I’m never stuck for an opinion, I do make every effort to be inoffensive when expressing it. I’ve been online in various social outlets for longer than the internet’s actually been around, it sometimes seems. I’ve haunted chatrooms, newsgroups, forums and social networks. I know my lolcats from my O RLY owls. I have had my share of flame wars (and done reasonably well enough for the most part), and I take great pains not to be a troll. Life’s too short to get my jollies from posting provocative little bomblets on the ‘net and sitting around waiting for the explosions. I simply state what I have to state and in general that will lead to an interesting discussion. I don’t seek to change anyone’s viewpoint, and I don’t post merely to provocative.  But, in the last two weeks, I’ve been called a communist (for opining that we’ll never actually do any serious space travel as a species); a condescending asshole (for pointing out that Hillsong preaches & practices prosperity theology); and most excitingly, invited to actually fight by someone for criticisng a review of a comic. (I was devastated when the Heavyweight Champion of the Internet decided he wasn’t going to make the effort; after he asked me to name any time and place, he then said he couldn’t get to Church Street Mall and had the nerve to call me a coward. Yup … I know).
These reactions haven’t come after heated post-&-respond either. Its been one post and then the stupidity starts.
Anyway, I haven’t changed my behaviour recently. I’m still the same old goofball who’d rather have a friend than a fight. So, I’m wondering what’s got people who frequent the same circles as me suddenly all riled up.  Maybe it’ll pass, but remember – opinions are like arses.
And so are internet trolls.

Cute ... like a measles pattern.


Congratulations to North Korea on their successful missile launch last week. Commiserations though, on the fact that it fell into the sea a minute later. Also, deepest sympathies on… well, on being North Korea. Tough gig, and the worst part is you don’t even get to laugh at all the jokes.

Recently changed his name to Kim Jong-Dead



Its not just poor comedy & old poetry around here. Take a look at these infrared images of the universe, courtesy of The Australian newspaper and JPL/Cal-Tech. The cosmos is an amazing place, with wonders beyond imagining and beauties to rend the heart.




So, the Easter long weekend draws to a close. I asked the question on my Facebook today why the story of Easter includes Jesus rising three days after he was crucified, but the actual feast days are only two days apart. As yet, no satisfactory answers have appeared. As both an atheist & an ex-Presbyterian, I guess my default response is supposed to be “Because the papists are evil!”, but no doubt there’s a less inflammatory answer out there. Hook me up.

Ok, she struggles to choose a seat, but at least she knows the days of the week


Does this seem like a good idea to anyone? Really, they’re gonna ‘recreate the original journey of the RMS Titanic’? So why did people buy 12 day tickets for a 5 day trip?
Trivia – at the time the Titanic set sail in 1912, there was a story published in a magazine called “THE WHITE GHOST OF DISASTER”. It was about a passenger liner that sailed into the Atlantic, hit an iceberg, and sank. Not spooky enough? In 1898, 14 years before the fateful journey, Morgan Robertson wrote a book called “FUTILITY”. This story features an enormous ship, the Titan, which is believed unsinkable, launches in April carrying insufficient lifeboats, also hits an iceberg and ends up on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Oogedyboogedy stuff.

"While you're out there, see if you can find my necklace"


The autopsy results on Whitney Houston were released today. It was pretty ghoulish stuff, and I’m not inclined to repeat chapter & verse of the various substances found in, or near, her corpse; nor am I the sort of person to shamefully list all of the medical issues they found to be afflicting poor old Whit after she pegged out. However … I am EXACTLY the sort of person to say “Remember when Whitney Houston made that semi-autobiographical movie? No, not “THE BODYGUARD”. I’m talking about ‘WAITING TO EXHALE’.”
Awful, awful stuff.  You shouldn’t have laughed.

Patience, Jackson. Your time will come.



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For those who’ve been playing along at home, you will remember that I threatened to occasionally let fly with more than poetry. Also, the name of the blog is “Some Poems & More” and the tagline is “original poetry, occasional ramblings & offensive jokes”. I’ll get to the jokes eventually, probably when some beloved celebrity keels over from self-inflicted damage, but in the meantime its ramblin’ time!

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Whatever happened to journalistic elocution? I know, I know – ‘conversational’ television presenters are more attractive to viewers, and the old days when Australian newsreaders put on a faux-Pommy accent are long gone. Still, these people are professional talkers. It gives me the irrits something chronic when an interviewer or a TV presenter punctuates their report with ‘Umm’ or “ahh’. Lots of radio hosts (or as we used to call them in Ye Olden Days, “deejays”) do the same thing. Look, I can grudgingly accept that if you’re a retired sportsman or an off-circuit stand-up comedian, reading the autoprompter fluently is not your first tier skill.  Happy to extend you some grace period if that’s the case, but after a while, y’know …. just get better at doing your new job. And if you’re not a recent convert to the field – if you’re a professional journalist by trade and training, specialising in electronic media – then you have no excuse. The content of the news is dumbed down enough; we don’t need the presentation to match it.

Never would have happened in Hendo's day

I see here that Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most important Catholic (despite Tony Abbott’s self-assessment) is reiterating the Church’s stand against gay marriage. Of course, this is a hot-button topic at the moment both here and abroad and my two cents worth may make no difference, but here it is anyway.
If you want to get married in a Church ceremony, then its the Church’s right to dictate to you the terms of that ceremony. Just like any club, or voluntary organisation, the Church has the right to determine its own internal rules. If you find them discriminatory, or feel that they are oppressing you personally, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy belonging to that club anyway. You’ll be happier without them and they’ll be happier without you.
But in Australia, the ultimate authority over marriage resides with not with the Church, but with the Government. Rightly or wrongly, marriage in 21st Century western cultures is now governed by the public service. This is entirely a secular issue, and Cardinal Pell doesn’t even speak for the majority of Australian Christians, let alone the majority of Australian adults. (According the 2006 census, 25.6% of the population claimed affiliation with the Catholic Church – slightly less than half of all who responded as ‘Christian’. By way of comparison, those who responded No Religion totalled 18.7%.)  So, while he is entitled to his personal opinion, and the Church is entitled to its doctrinal discrimination, his suggestion that the Federal Commonwealth of Australia continue to institutionalise discrimination on the basis of sexual preference is not only outdated, it’s unrepresentative. Gay marriage is not for everyone, but then again, neither is Church.

Scientifical arithmeticology proves the point

Watched my beloved Tigers run around last Sunday. They still looked a little disjointed, but played far better than a 17-16 loss. I could go on for hours about the stupidity of the stripping rule and the lack of video policing of it, or the total inequity of Golden Point, or Mick Crocker’s flying forearms, but instead I’ll just wish the boys luck for Friday’s game against the Brisbane Broncos.

I miss Hodgo...

So, that’s me all rambled out for today. If I haven’t bored you to tears yet, there’s also a poem being posted tonight.


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