I’m going to try and be more bloggacious again for a while. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say; other times I have stuff to say but doubt whether it’s worth anyone’s time to read. Mostly though, I just get into the habit of not being in the habit of blogging, because – as I may have mentioned a time or two – I am chronically lazy and basically unmotivated.
So, anyway, until such time as the good creative juices start flowing like a river, I need to self-inspire. I’ve decided to work up a series of linked poems with the theme of “The Carnival”. The first one is below. If it doesn’t seem like a carnival you’d actually enjoy visiting, give it time. The first attraction is not always indicative of the rest of the shows. Hopefully (and at this stage I’m as uninformed as you are, loyal reader) further entries in the series will be easier on the soul. Time will tell.

The Hall of Mirrors

A corridor of bent light
Reflects the same image
A thousand different ways,
From every angle come the leers,
The grins and grimaces of
A child, withdrawn
A son, disappointing
A youth, recalcitrant
Yearning, unreturned
A lover, unwanted
A tradesman, craftless
An athlete, clumsy
Potential, unfulfilled
A drunkard
A coward
A blowhard
Envy, unmerited
A kinsman, remote
A husband, failed
A father, absent
Resentment, unwarranted
A colleague, lazy
A friend, burdensome
A patient, unwilling
Achievement, negated
A spendthrift
A braggart
A fool

Oh. There’s another corridor yet?

© Darryn Roberts 2014