Calendars, huh? What a terrible idea THAT turned out to be.
The world turns around the sun regardless of whether we mark the occasion or not – its a sign, I think, that somewhere along the journey we have overcomplicated things as a species if we have to know well ahead of time when other things are going to happen. When it starts to get warm, and the days seem longer, plant some vegies & make sure you wear a hat outside. When the baby birds start squawking, go pick & store some fresh fruit & start gathering wood for the colder days to come. When the days start getting shorter again, check there are no holes in the walls, brew some beer up and air out the blankets. When it’s cold, don’t lick steel things. When it’s dark, go to bed. If it’s light, get up. Surely that’s about all we really need to do to get by in the universe, don’t you reckon?
Instead, we developed arbitrary measures to give ourselves the illusion of control, and became slaves to not only the calendar but it’s little brother the clock as well. Our lives revolve around bus schedules and loan repayment dates and what time to be at work and what day our kid’s homework is due and what time our favourite TV show is on (and when they do that ‘start 5 minutes late thing’ to stop you switching channels, oh how we curse them!).
Over the last few years, I have made a conscious decision to simplify my own life. I have shed as much routine as I can, and continue to look for more ways to do uncomplicate things. Its very liberating, and I highly recommend everyone give it a go …

… maybe next month.

Happy New Year

The old year closes.
The new one dawns.
The past fades behind us.
Ahead, the future yawns
Unknown and unhinting.
Who knows what may be?
It’s beyond any power
To attempt to see.
So all we can do,
No matter our lot,
Is hope for small joys
And accept those we’ve got.
Anything better’s a bonus,
A prize…
So walk through the New Year
With wide open eyes.
Don’t dare to expect it,
It won’t work that way;
Just simply accept it
And hope it will stay.
To all of you I say
(From over a beer)
Best wishes, good luck
And a Happy New Year!!

© Darryn Roberts 2000


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So, 5 months is a normal gap between blog posts, yes? Those of you who are Facebook friends will know that I’ve been busy rearranging my life. I’ve moved from Sydney to Mangrove Mountain, living on a farm and selling fresh produce at a grower’s market.
In other words, my only excuse for not blogging is that I am still perennially lazy, as I warned you about here.
But anyway, it’s Christmas. Xmas. Yuletide. Malkh. Saturnalia. Hannukah. Natali Invictus. Kwanzaa. Taiwanese Constitution Day. People have different reasons for celebrating the season, but the main thing to me is not the story behind the festival … its the mood. We shouldn’t NEED a reason to be happy and nice and a little bit silly, no matter what the time of year. (Oh look, there’s a whole diatribe just waiting to spew out and preach itself at people … another time perhaps, Darryn). Point is, no matter what your beliefs or heritage or situation, have a great holiday.
Tara and I will be at Coast Shelter serving lunch and bringing seasonal cheer to the less fortunate; if you’re in the area, sing out and say Hi!

The Christmas Spirit

That special time of year has come
For ham and beer and Christmas fun.
The gifts are there, beneath the tree;
Our spirits all are running free.

Have you noticed, round this time,
How people treat each other fine?
Where we’d get cranky through the year,
Instead we’re filled with Christmas cheer.

I wonder why it should be so –
Why do we lose that Christmas glow?
Why should “Goodwill to all men”
Run out just as December ends?

Maybe we should all remember
This, from January to November.
Try and keep that glow alight;
Pick a friend and not a fight.

Our lives would doubtless all improve
If we stayed in that Christmas groove
All year round and all day long –
All those Elves just can’t be wrong!

© Darryn Roberts 2003

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