Wow,  its been more than 2 weeks since I last posted here. In my defence, work got a bit hectic and I was a bit unwell for a while as well. But mostly, as I think I may have mentioned when I first started blogging, I tend to get lazy. I am probably the least motivated person I know. The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is so I can get tired enough for my afternoon nap – I don’t want to doze off too close to bed time at night or I feel ripped off.
But anyway, I’m back, and apparently sometime in the last two weeks this blog registered its thousandth view, for which I thank you. I might have a look at the stats and bore you all to death tomorrow with some fascinating breakdowns on what posts have been most popular and so forth. Whatever … it beats doing anything strenuous.


Take heart!
When things are towering
Stand up, walk tall –
No point in cowering.
As bad as things seem,
However black your tone,
Reach out for a hand –
You are not alone.
When you cannot bear
One more thing to go wrong,
Turn to one who loves you,
Let them help you be strong.
Listen to their caring words
As they hold you tight.
Believe in what they say
When they say you’ll be alright.
Put your hand in their hand
And do not fear the dark
For with their love to carry you
The world is not so stark.
Take my advice, I’ve been there –
Didn’t think I’d make it through –
But my angel helped me all the way;
That’s what angels do.
So trust the one who loves you
And let them share the weight
‘Cause when there’s only half as much
The whole damn world looks great.

© Darryn Roberts 2002