I’m going to the zoo next week. I don’t think there’s any gnu at Taronga Zoo, but that’s okay – I don’t really think this is actually a proper ode in structure, either. I guess it could be more of a paean, but I’m not really that much of a technician, so I will continue to call it an ode. If only I’d listened to Mr Coombs in year 9 English, I would know for certain.
Study properly, kids, and eat your vegies.

Ode to the Gnu

The gnu is quite a placid beast.
Of all God’s creatures, not the least
Nor the most, in size or scope.
He has no use for lengths of rope
And will not frolic in the sea,
Or even deign to climb a tree
If by a lion he’s predated.
The gnu is quite uncomplicated.
His looks are somewhat less than fair,
And so for looks he has no care.
In fact, I doubt he thinks a jot
Or worries much about his lot.

© Darryn Roberts 2006


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Here’s a piece that’s kind of a companion to The Tryst. Where that poem is about desire & passion, this is more about romance & infatuation, those first stages of a relationship where almost anything seems possible.


Tumbling through a wonderland,
Never letting go your hand,
Awestruck by the things we find,
Joy enough to blow your mind,
And as we tumble, me and you,
It seems as if we’re one not two,
The love that we have binds us tight,
But not like chains – it’s featherlight
It powers us so we can rise
And conquer things that may divide.
It’s ever larger, ever growing,
It shines so bright, it’s ever showing
And lights the way through wonderland
Where we are tumbling, hand in hand.

© Darryn Roberts 2000

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