Have I mentioned that I’ve been sick lately? No, not ‘feeling up your cousin’ sick, ‘proper sick’ sick. I had the flu. In fact, I had the worst dose of the worst variety of flu ever known on planet Earth. I swear, nobody has ever been as unwell as I was for three days last week, and its a testament to my own fortitude that I managed to make it seem like it was only normal flu and I was just complaining a lot. However, no matter how awesomely self-correcting my immune system is, I would not have gotten better so quickly if not for the gracious and gentle ministrations of my lovely wife Tara. Not only does she have her own blog where you can find delicious and innovative recipes; not only does she run her own remedial massage business; she also makes a kickarse ginger-and-turmeric tea.
Seriously, I’m not much of anything, but I’d be far less without her.

My Angel

I have a guardian angel
Who watches over me.
Her skin is pure like alabaster.
Her eyes shine like eternity.

She is formed unto perfection,
Both on the inside and the out.
Her spirit is as lovely
As the sweet curves of her mouth.

When I’m lost or damaged,
When I’m sure that I’m in Hell,
My angel’s magic touches me
And tells me “All is well”.

She lights my way throughout each day;
She warms the coldest nights;
She makes my body feel alive;
She makes my soul take flight.

Her generosity is boundless,
And her capacity to care.
Even though I cannot always see her,
I always know she’s there.

Without my guardian angel
I’d be a crumpled, shambling mess,
But with her watching over me
I know, instead, I’m blessed.

© Darryn Roberts 2002