Its Mother’s Day! Make sure you tell your mother, and everyone else’s mother that you might run into, how special they are. Hell of a job, being a mother – probably harder than anything I’ll ever have to do. I was lucky enough to be able to take my Mum (and my Dad) out for a lovely lunch today, but unfortunately had to miss out on dinner with my mother-in-law last night due to illness. I love them both dearly though, and I hope they know it.

Heart of Life

Under Your heart
from before I was ‘I’
Next to Your heart
everytime I let cry
Warming Your heart
as I learned and I grew
Breaking Your heart
with the things I would do
Knowing Your heart
would always be there
Using Your heart
to carry my cares
Wishing Your heart
had never known sadness
Sorry Your heart
got hurt in my madness
Holding Your heart
ever precious and near
You gave me MY heart,
my own Mother dear.

© Darryn Roberts 2003