I seem to have misplaced a poem, called ODE TO THE IBIS. I was prompted to post it after visiting the zoo earlier this week; the place is full of Australian White Ibis running free and scavenging whatever they can. But I’m buggered if I can find it at the moment, so here’s another animal related piece. Enjoy!

Two Furry Spiders

Two furry spiders
Sitting in the eave,
Each one spinning
Their web to weave.
The first spider wove
A web quite grand,
Proud of the strength
In every strand.
The second spider, too,
Spun a glorious cob;
Not a single flaw
In all the job.
Stronger than cable,
Lighter than air,
Two fine lattices
Dancing in the air.
A fly buzzed in
And managed to get
Stuck at the point where
The two webs met.
Two spiders skitter
To the very same place
And stand there
Staring face to face,
Neither one willing
To back away
And let their rival
Claim the prey –
Yet neither one willing
To take first bite
And risk provoking
The other to fight.
The fly looked at both
With his segmented eyes
And wondered if the
Spiders would compromise.
Said he “If I’m not soon
Bitten and bound,
I’ll die and I’ll rot
And I’ll fall to the ground.”
But the spiders just stared
At what they both had.
It seemed they would both
Just let it go bad
Rather than offer
Their neighbour a share;
As far as I know,
They are still standing there

© Darryn Roberts 2003