Well, I haven’t actually done any blogging for a few days, what with one thing and another.  Apart from having visitors, and going to the zoo, and the comings and goings of various rescued rabbits which we foster for a local shelter, I’ve been a little bit sick.  Still not 100 % but ehh, there’s no point wallowing in misery. Wallow in poetry instead, I say.


Because you’re my lady, and I am your man,
I’ll give you more love than anyone can,
And when we are finally together you’ll see,
The best thing that ever you did was love me.

Whenever you’re scared, I will be there –
Holding and hugging you, stroking your hair,
Driving away the monsters that loom,
Showing you light amidst all the gloom,
Whispering comforts and calming your fears,
Lovingly kissing away your tears.

When you are playful, then with you I’ll be,
Laughing and teasing with you on my knee,
A food fight, or dancing or foolishly giggling –
Being tender and gentle, or wrestling and tickling.

When you are sad, still I’ll be there,
A rock solid wall between you and despair,
Laying your weary head on my chest,
And saying “I love you, forget all the rest”
Carrying on when you feel you cannot,
Lending you all of the strength that I’ve got

When you want company, just want to talk,
I’ll be there for that, and for taking a walk,
Or sitting around just enjoying the day –
I’ll be your best friend in every way.

When you need passion, you’ll know where to turn –
I’ll give you passion so hot that it burns,
I’ll take you to heights that you don’t know exist,
I’ll love you with touch and I’ll love you with kiss.
Nothing forbidden, no secrets, no shame –
Your body will melt while your spirits aflame.

The times when you’re angry, I’ll still be around,
Letting you scream and then settling you down.
Being your valve, allowing relief,
(never believe you’d be causing me grief).
Just knowing you need to let off some tension,
And when it is over, never a mention.

In all that I do with you at my side,
I will show you the love that cannot be denied.
Never make threats, never demand,
I’ll not raise my voice and never my hand.
Just show you how sweet and how special you are –
I’ll make you believe you’re the brightest of stars.

I will drink up your kisses and breathe in your scent –
We will never regret and never repent.
Everyday will begin with a kiss,
And, oh my lady, I promise you this –
That doing these things will be my greatest pleasure,
For you are my lady, my love whom I treasure.

© Darryn Roberts 2001