Haven’t blogged for a couple of days, mainly because I’ve been busy doing other things, like working, and going to TV show tapings & poker tournaments (I came 13th of 80; having never played before, I was happy with that). But these are adult pursuits, and sometimes I long for the days before life became so complex.
Actually, nowadays I long for the days when I was still allowed by my wife and my doctor to live out the last line of this poem…..

Inner Child

When I was four I used to love
Just lying on the grass.
I’d stare up at the bright blue sky –
An Ansett jet would travel by,
And I would always wonder why
It didn’t fly real fast.
(Now Ansett is no longer, and four’s a long time past).

When I was six we had a pool,
And I was Aquaman.
An hour used to last all day –
That was long enough to play
The same game twenty different ways,
Yet still have time to tan.
(Though tanning’s now a social sin, I still swim when I can).

When I was ten I always found
Time in the afternoon
For “The Curiosity Show”,
A glass of milk, an Iced Vovo,
Completing homework, balls to throw,
And thinking ’bout the moon.
(But Dean and Rob are on no more, and oh my lord it’s tax time soon!).

Those precious everlasting days;
Who knew they’d fly so quick?
I’d quit my job in nothing flat,
I’d give the car and mobile back,
If someone could reverse time’s track –
But no-one knows that trick.
(So instead, I’ll binge on Froot Loops and chocolate ’til I’m sick).

© Darryn Roberts 2003