Its never easy when we lose someone, but that loss is part of the natural order of the world. Without the looming shadow of death, whether distant or near, life would never be so sweet as it is. Once we’re gone, we’re gone forever – so make memories every chance you can for those leave you behind.


Now you have gone into the light
and I am left with blackest night
in my soul.

But the pain will not endure as long
as the love and memories so strong
and so whole.

Those memories are deep within,
as sharp as any sword or pin,
hard as a gem.

And gems are meant to be displayed,
not locked inside eternal shade,
so I’ll show them

to everyone who never knew
the joy of being known by you,
and then they’ll know

that you made the world a better place
by touching us with your brief grace
and that you were loved so.

© Darryn Roberts 2000