I’m sure by now everyone is aware that President Barack Obama ate dog as a child in Indonesia. And I’m sure everyone is aware that this blog has so far been scandalously short of off-colour humour. Be warned: if you like dogs, or you like President Obama, you may find this post not to your taste. Me, I’m  neither for, or against, President Obama & I love dogs; but I love comedy more.
So, here are the best of the jokes I’ve been able to cull so far. Feel free to chime in if you come across any quality ones.

Why does Obama love small dogs? Because he’s on a diet.

They stopped serving peanuts on Air Force One. Obama just wants Snoopy

“So, Mr. President, where shall we go to eat?”
“I know a great Spot.”

No wonder Obama kept the troops in the Middle East for so long. When he heard they were killing Afghans, he had completely the wrong idea

How does Barack Obama season his meals? With a pinscher this, a pinscher that.

Staff expenses at the White House have increased lately, they keep replacing the dinner setter.

Who is the President’s favourite classical composer? Bach.
Closely followed by Offenbach.

Barack Obama was excited, but ultimately disappointed, when he heard that Malia & Sasha invited a young lassie from their school for dinner.

Whats President Obama’s favourite type of pasta? Kenneloni

The White House diningware is so clean, its up to lab standards.

Its tough being the president. Even your choice of food can come back to bite you

Pound for pound, Obama is the best fed President.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
to get her poor doggy a bite
But Barack got there first
And made liverwurst
Out of Rover, and ate him that night.

with thanks to contributors Michael Nehring, Ethan van Sciver, Tara Goulding & Wal Roberts