So, what’s the deal with these electronical interweb tubes?
During a couple of recent Facebook discussions, people have taken more-than-usual exception to posts of mine. Now, while I’m never stuck for an opinion, I do make every effort to be inoffensive when expressing it. I’ve been online in various social outlets for longer than the internet’s actually been around, it sometimes seems. I’ve haunted chatrooms, newsgroups, forums and social networks. I know my lolcats from my O RLY owls. I have had my share of flame wars (and done reasonably well enough for the most part), and I take great pains not to be a troll. Life’s too short to get my jollies from posting provocative little bomblets on the ‘net and sitting around waiting for the explosions. I simply state what I have to state and in general that will lead to an interesting discussion. I don’t seek to change anyone’s viewpoint, and I don’t post merely to provocative.  But, in the last two weeks, I’ve been called a communist (for opining that we’ll never actually do any serious space travel as a species); a condescending asshole (for pointing out that Hillsong preaches & practices prosperity theology); and most excitingly, invited to actually fight by someone for criticisng a review of a comic. (I was devastated when the Heavyweight Champion of the Internet decided he wasn’t going to make the effort; after he asked me to name any time and place, he then said he couldn’t get to Church Street Mall and had the nerve to call me a coward. Yup … I know).
These reactions haven’t come after heated post-&-respond either. Its been one post and then the stupidity starts.
Anyway, I haven’t changed my behaviour recently. I’m still the same old goofball who’d rather have a friend than a fight. So, I’m wondering what’s got people who frequent the same circles as me suddenly all riled up.  Maybe it’ll pass, but remember – opinions are like arses.
And so are internet trolls.

Cute ... like a measles pattern.


Congratulations to North Korea on their successful missile launch last week. Commiserations though, on the fact that it fell into the sea a minute later. Also, deepest sympathies on… well, on being North Korea. Tough gig, and the worst part is you don’t even get to laugh at all the jokes.

Recently changed his name to Kim Jong-Dead



Its not just poor comedy & old poetry around here. Take a look at these infrared images of the universe, courtesy of The Australian newspaper and JPL/Cal-Tech. The cosmos is an amazing place, with wonders beyond imagining and beauties to rend the heart.