This is the second poem of four that are, funnily enough, about the seasons, following on from yesterday’s Winter Days. It was actually written after tomorrow’s offering but its my blog and I’ll post them in sensible order if I want to!

Days in Spring

Imagine a day in spring.
Everything’s green,
The gardens are budding.
Its a beautiful scene.
The sun’s shining longer
a little each day,
and you somehow feel stronger
in every way.
Football is over.
Cricket hasn’t begun.
The lawn’s full of clover –
there’s work to be done.
Twas chilly this morning
and breezy last night.
It’ll rain without warning,
but that is all right,
Because right now its warm
and there’s choices to make –
beetroot or corn?
What kind of cake?
You feel so full of fun
as you head to the park.
There’s so much could be done
before it gets dark –
but a picnic for lunch,
watching kids on a swing,
is the best of the bunch.
I love days in spring.

© Darryn Roberts 2000