This is one of a cycle of four poems; unsurprisingly the others (which will appear over the next few days) are about spring, summer & autumn. They all obey the same structural rules, with an offset rhyming scheme that more often than not falls in the middle of a sentence, not at the end. Not the easiest to recite fluently, but I was quite pleased I was able to maintain the form and also the theme for four different poems.

Winter Days

Picture a winter day –
an overcast sky,
clouds of steel grey,
a wind that won’t die –
and if you sniff the air
you can smell rain
(not here but somewhere)
as you walk down the lane.
It’s morning and cold.
You can hear, like a hum,
words being told
and cars as they come
and go somewhere else.
But they are not near
as you walk by yourself,
just a buzz in your ear.
The wind nips your nose.
You may have dressed warm
but its cold and your toes
feel the chill in the lawn.
The peace and the solace
surround and enfold.
Spring is a promise
beyond all the cold.
And it feels so sublime
under clouds of steel grey.
The world is so fine.
I love winter days.

© Darryn Roberts 2000