They say the best poetry comes from the heart, but sometimes the inspiration comes from … well, somewhere else. The early days in any romantic relationship are always thrilling; even more so when the sex is great.

The Tryst

Stretched on the bed, our limbs entwined
Grasping the hours that we can find
Your body beside me, your flesh against mine
Your lips oh-so-soft, your touch is divine.
Burning and yearning with passion alight
Wanting to make you scream through the night
Caressing your breasts, my tongue on your thigh
Feeling you tremble, hearing you sigh
I groan as you taste me, my hands in your hair
Your kisses are almost more than I can bear.
Dizzy with ecstasy, unable to break
The spell that we cast with the love that we make,
I bury my face in you, your nails break my skin.
Desire rules us now and so we give in,
Surrendering, yielding, no resistance remains
Our bodies on fire, our spirits aflame.
Knowing that too soon this moment will pass,
I kiss you again, to try make it last
Until next time we steal a few hours to be
Together alone, unfettered souls, free.

© Darryn Roberts 2001