So, the Easter long weekend draws to a close. I asked the question on my Facebook today why the story of Easter includes Jesus rising three days after he was crucified, but the actual feast days are only two days apart. As yet, no satisfactory answers have appeared. As both an atheist & an ex-Presbyterian, I guess my default response is supposed to be “Because the papists are evil!”, but no doubt there’s a less inflammatory answer out there. Hook me up.

Ok, she struggles to choose a seat, but at least she knows the days of the week


Does this seem like a good idea to anyone? Really, they’re gonna ‘recreate the original journey of the RMS Titanic’? So why did people buy 12 day tickets for a 5 day trip?
Trivia – at the time the Titanic set sail in 1912, there was a story published in a magazine called “THE WHITE GHOST OF DISASTER”. It was about a passenger liner that sailed into the Atlantic, hit an iceberg, and sank. Not spooky enough? In 1898, 14 years before the fateful journey, Morgan Robertson wrote a book called “FUTILITY”. This story features an enormous ship, the Titan, which is believed unsinkable, launches in April carrying insufficient lifeboats, also hits an iceberg and ends up on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Oogedyboogedy stuff.

"While you're out there, see if you can find my necklace"


The autopsy results on Whitney Houston were released today. It was pretty ghoulish stuff, and I’m not inclined to repeat chapter & verse of the various substances found in, or near, her corpse; nor am I the sort of person to shamefully list all of the medical issues they found to be afflicting poor old Whit after she pegged out. However … I am EXACTLY the sort of person to say “Remember when Whitney Houston made that semi-autobiographical movie? No, not “THE BODYGUARD”. I’m talking about ‘WAITING TO EXHALE’.”
Awful, awful stuff.  You shouldn’t have laughed.

Patience, Jackson. Your time will come.