Once upon a time, there was a young man who fancied he would one day be a famous writer. He had a marvellous imagination, a broad vocabulary, and a terminal case of the lazies. Suffice it to say, he achieved very little in the way of writing for fame.
He did, however, write some not-too-bad poetry and for a few years had it up on the internet for all to see, at a website called SomePoems. Most people who read the poetry seemed to enjoy it, but the now not-so-young man still had the lazies and eventually his website fell off the internet as these things are likely to do if neglected.
Still, the formerly young man reasoned that if people had liked his poetry before, they might like it again. He also reasoned that since he was pretty lazy and didn’t always feel like writing poetry, but usually had something to say about something everyday, that a blog might be a project worth starting.
So, here we are. Previous subscribers to SomePoems will eventually find all the old poetry transferred across, but I will also let fly on other things that may take my fancy, from news to sport to politics to science to comics to boardgames to movies to music to sustainable living to atheism to jokes about dead celebrities to infinity and beyond!. You’re welcome to comment and encouraged to do so, as long as you understand that I reserve the right to manage this blog to my own satisfaction and therefore may censor, edit or just delete anything I don’t like without explanation or appeal. You’re welcome to share this blog around to all and sundry, but if you cut-and-paste any of my original work or writings, do the right thing and give credit.